Metal Detection

About Us

D-Tech Infrastructure was founded in 2004 and, from the very beginning of its operations has been working to change acceptable norms of planning and execution of infrastructure operations in Israel.

The company provides a comprehensive range of services for the location, marking, exposure, planning and non-destructive mapping of underground infrastructure. This is achieved using the most advanced and specialized equipment in the world.

The company’s services provide new levels and standards of excellent in all matters relating to planning, preparation and execution of infrastructure operations.

Today, underground infrastructure planning and execution involves land that is full of existing infrastructures. The majority of authorities and bodies do not have up to date and accurate documentation regarding existing infrastructures. This makes the proper planning and execution of new work without setbacks or delays extremely difficult.

In order to facilitate early planning and to minimalize the chances of damaging existing infrastructures during operations, a comprehensive infrastructure survey is required for the planning and execution of new projects.

D-Tech Infrastructure provides solutions for all of its clients whilst maintaining a systematic approach and a far reaching understanding of the client’s needs. Thus we can provide you with a saving in work hours, increased efficiency with minimal damages.

D-Tech Infrastructure operations are approved by the Israeli Standards Institute for Quality Systems: ISO 9001;2000 and also by the Ministry of Defense as an approved service supplier

The company uses specialized exposure equipment that is unique in Israel. This allows it to verify and ensure that all electromagnetic, non-destructive survey data.

The company’s operations are insured through special insurance policies specifically for its areas of operation and include insurance for contracting works.