Metal Detection

Company Profile

D-Tech Infrastructures Ltd. is a leading Israeli company in the field of mapping underground infrastructures using remote sensing technologies. The company employs employees, all with many years of experience in the field of underground infrastructures and provides non-destructive services for the location, marking, exposure, planning and mapping of underground infrastructure systems using the most advanced and specialized technologies in the world. The company’s services bring new and higher standards to all issues relating to the planning, preparation and execution of infrastructure work and projects.

Underground infrastructure projects take place, in today’s modern world, in an environment saturated with existing infrastructures. Most of the bodies responsible for the various systems do not have up to date and accurate documentation about their infrastructure systems. This makes the planning and execution of new projects exceedingly difficult.

In order to execute qualitative early planning, based on firm and accurate information which minimizes the potential damage to existing infrastructures during the work process, D-Tech executes a comprehensive infrastructure review and survey prior to beginning planning. The company’s services provide the required information efficiency whilst saving time and with minimal damage.

D-Tech Infrastructures operates, every day, 12 surveying teams who locate and map underground infrastructure systems as well as three teams engaged in expose underground infrastructures

The company uses highly advanced machinery that is exclusive to D-Tech in Israel. This machinery and related technologies allow D-Tech to expose underground infrastructures without causing widespread damage by using a cyclonic suction system – “Soil Suction System”. Thus D-Tech completes its range of services and provides its clients with a total solution that combines a preliminary survey and includes planning after expose underground infrastructures

D-Tech Infrastructures are approved by the Israeli Standards Institute for quality assurance: ISO 2000, ISO 9001. The company also has Ministry Of Defense approval for the provision of services as an authorized supplier.

The company’s products include licensing for infrastructure work, the location and marking of underground infrastructures using specialized electromagnetic and electro- acoustic equipment, exposing underground infrastructures, measurement and documentation of survey findings by qualified surveyors, preparation of AS-MADE plans using AutoCAD, planning of integral drilling (HDD) and their transfer in PLT/DWG format as required by the client.

All of the company’s work is covered by insurance policies specifically for its areas of activity including insurance for contracting work.

Some company details:

Public Company Number 51-3593702

Ministry of Defense Supplier Number: 83447216