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licensing related documents

Licensing infrastructure works

D-Tech Infrastructures places at its client’s disposal a department specifically for project licensing (excavation permits). Our experience in the area of obtaining permits and dealing

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Locating & Mapping

Non-destructive locating, identifying, marking and measuring of location and depth for underground infrastructures: (x, y, z): Execution of an underground infrastructure survey carried out in

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Locating non metallic pipe using a radar

Locating non metallic pipe

Ground Penetrating Radar – (GPR) This specialized technology is yet another resource used by the company to locate non-metallic infrastructures (asbestos, concrete and plastic).   Location

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Exposed Infrastructure Pipes

Infrastructure Exposure

This unique service compliments and completes the array of services provided by the company. Location and exposure of the infrastructures is performed using specialized equipment

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Brutus truck at work

cyclonic suction excavators

As of 2016, D-Tech Infrastructure Ltd. operates two unique cyclonic suction excavators and advanced robotic equipment that enables excavation work and removal of materials with

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