Locating & Mapping

Non-destructive locating, identifying, marking and measuring of location and depth for underground infrastructures: (x, y, z):

Execution of an underground infrastructure survey carried out in the following stages:

Regular and daily communications with authorities, private bodies and infrastructure owners in the specific area in order to obtain the legally required licenses and permits. Collection of existing data and information regarding infrastructures owned by them.

After infrastructures have been marked on the surface, the survey’s findings are measured and analyzed by qualified and certified surveyors in close cooperation and under the supervision of the original infrastructure site’s surveyors.

Data and figures collected by the surveyors are passed on to the CAD department for plotting and construction of a schematic that constitute an AS-MADE plan.

After plotting of the infrastructures by the CAD department, the plans are checked and corrected (if necessary) by the surveyor with overall responsibility including improvements and final corrections.

Following all the procedures detailed in the following, a final AS-MADE plan is produced and PDF, PLT and DWG are presented to the client.

Cable infrastructures: electricity, telephone, fiber optic cables, TV cables, lighting, earthing, control.

Pipes: water, gas, sewage, drainage, fuel, dangerous substances, polyethylene (only open non-metallic infrastructures using insertion of transmitters and conductors)