Brutus truck at work

cyclonic suction excavators

As of 2016, D-Tech Infrastructure Ltd. operates two unique cyclonic suction excavators and advanced robotic equipment that enables excavation work and removal of materials with suction, in levels of intensity and volume that have never been seen in Israel.

A cyclonic suction excavator is a heavy truck that combines a powerful suction excavator system, capable of performing extensive excavation work with cyclonic suction and without destruction.

The system sucks materials of all kinds at a high speed that is incomparable to work done manually, especially in places where it is not possible to operate engineering tools using traditional methods and in areas filled with underground existing infrastructure.

Mining and removal of materials is carried out by a dedicated, smart and unparalleled safety system that enables powerful pumping and is uncompromising in safety measures.

The “Brutus” suction excavators of D-Tech Infrastructure provide end-to-end solutions for excavation and removal of materials, as an evident alternative in sites where access is limited and sometimes almost impossible.

The services are provided using advanced equipment and extensive experience gained in carrying out complex projects over the years since the technology was brought to Israel in 2016.

Moving materials quickly and sterilely from place to place on site both horizontally and vertically, produces solutions to complex issues at construction sites at every stage during construction and during complex engineering projects where the only alternative is manual construction or destruction in order to operate the heavy mechanical equipment.

D-Tech Infrastructure aims to streamline work methods in the field of construction, road and rail maintenance and basement mining. In addition, D-Tech deals with developing execution capabilities that provide unique solutions and answers to issues that cannot be performed or those that are defined as dangerous to perform in the customary methods.

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