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Licensing infrastructure works

D-Tech Infrastructures places at its client’s disposal a department specifically for project licensing (excavation permits). Our experience in the area of obtaining permits and dealing with the many regulatory bodies connected to the issuing of gives D-Tech Infrastructures the ability to offer developers, infrastructure companies and contractors with a comprehensive licensing package in the shortest time possible that includes all the required permits for the project’s execution.

The department consists of a team of three experts in the fields of engineering, schematics and administration. This provides the client all the resources needed to obtain a licensing package tailor made to the needs of the project and its execution.

What makes D-Tech’s licensing department stand out from other possibilities available in the market is the depth of knowledge and awareness of all the team members regarding the changes and developments regarding licensing for the types of work which, along with their engineering and organizational/operations capabilities, allows them to provide a complete licensing package that is adapted to the needs of each client.

The licensing department’s services include: 

1.       Work planning and characterization of the application to relevant authorities and owners of infrastructures on the land in question.

2.       Schematics and blueprints for planning preparation and the provision of files on magnetic media for the relevant authorities to ensure that the application procedure includes all required for the license request.

3.       Approach to the relevant authorities and infrastructure owners for the provision of permits and work licenses as required by law.

4.      Sightseeing in work area with the inspectors of infrastructure companies on demand.

5.       Planning of traffic arrangements and local authority and Israel Police Force permits.

6.       Information and data collection regarding existing underground systems and infrastructures in order to prevent problems and stoppages during execution.

7.       Delivery of a comprehensive licensing package including the information and permits as required by law for the execution of work.

8.       Granting of all licenses and permits required for infrastructure projects takes some considerable time and can often affect the project’s operational start date. Therefore, we place great importance on the importance of characterizing the documentation and its clarity and suitability to be submitted to the authorities and infrastructure owners. This we prevent unnecessary, lengthy and costly delays and reduce the time needed for the approval of required permits and licenses.

Companies invest much effort and many resources for the approval and awarding of a licensing package for their projects. Our clients know that they can depend on professional, fast and efficient service that allows them to concentrate their resources on infrastructure works whilst leaving our licensing department to deal with all the preliminary licensing matters.

Our professional experience has shown us that promises and slogans are for those who don’t really understand the full complexity of the licensing process – we work thoroughly and professionally to get the best possible results to ensure your satisfaction in the shortest time possible.