Exposed Infrastructure Pipes

Infrastructure Exposure

This unique service compliments and completes the array of services provided by the company. Location and exposure of the infrastructures is performed using specialized equipment used as a soil suction (extraction) system. Exposure through soil suction negates the need to dig by hand or use a mechanical excavator.

Work is executed in order to identify and verify the location of underground infrastructures.

The clear advantages of using soil suction for the location of underground infrastructures includes:

Minimalizing environmental damage at the exposure point.

Reduction in the size of the work area and in the disturbance caused to those using or passing through the area.

Collection of the extracted material to a closed and sealed container and its removal from the work site.

Reduction in time needed to expose the infrastructures – up to a quarter of the time usually associated with such operations.

Portability and availability which contribute to increased work efficiency and output and a significant cost reduction.

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